Sound design & music

Sound is a primary interest to me as an artist and usually plays a part in the projects that I undertake, particularly making field recordings for site-specific installations. These recordings form the basis for arrangements and remixes to make soundscapes. I also use a Maschine Studio for mixing and live performances (particularly challenging when mixing video layers live at the same time!). 

I also create sound and music directly in the studio using synths, pedals, guitars or whatever else I can hit or rattle. 

Below are some examples. 

Ghosting Reflections is a soundtrack made to accompany an installation at Pyramid Gallery in York as part of a show by the Contemporary Glass Society. The show was ‘Water & Music’ Glass inspired by the 300th anniversary of Handel’s Water Music. The soundtrack was made for a film piece which was projection mapped onto glass sculptures and was made entirely using abstract samples from each Suite of Handel's Water Music. 

This track was made as part of the Contagion installation - a collaboration with Sculptor Dean Kemp. The sound was created using a Korg Volca Keys and Maschine Studio, with all the the samples live mixed to accompanying a layered video mix. 

This was a short track made for a promo video for an installation The Light Within by myself and glass artist Giret Beyaert at Blackwell Arts & Crafts House, Windermere, commissioned by Lakeland Arts. The track is a live mix using field recordings we made for the site-specific installation.

This is the final soundscape made for the installation at Blackwell Arts & Crafts House. All the sounds were recorded in and around this historical building overlooking Lake Windermere.

This was a soundscape made for an immersive installation "AquAIRium" in partnership with Salford University for the Manchester Science Festival 2017.

This was a soundscape made for an installation as part of a residency with glass artist Griet Beyaert in Kobe, Japan. The piece uses field recordings in and around the port of Nagahama,